City Limits HOG Chapter 2156 Road Captains


DSC_0030 -500x500DSC_0031 -500x500
Kevin PetersonJim Berard
DSC_0042 -500x500DSC_0047 -500x500
Rick GriffinLarry Lacijan
DSC_0085 -500x500DSC_0050 -500x500
Julio BarkanKevin Lynch
DSC_0055 -500x500RonPecka4 500x500
Jim BarrRon Pecka
DSC_0081 -500x500sborys2
Keith GresensStan Borys

Group Picture of All Current Road Captains for 2017 Season


Officers who are also Road Captains:

Keith St. Onge, Karen Malicki, Steve Hayer, John Chalupa, Ric Case, Victor “Ace” Fontanez, Mike Malicki, Bob Morrison, Tom Canty, Ken O’Connell, Hal Norman

Remember that starting with the 2017 riding season, you will have to show your HOG national and local HOG chapter membership cards when participating in a ride. If you don’t have them with you at the time of the ride, you can still go on the ride. However, you will be required to sign a waiver for that ride just like any non-member would be required to do.

If you have a question for the Road Captains, please send an Email to Head Road Captain(