Setting your Meetup message notifications:

If you should need to change your profile settings for receiving Meetup Messages/Notifications, please do the following:

1. Once you log in to Meetup, click on your profile picture on the upper-right part of the page that is displayed. A pop-up window will appear.

2. In the pop-up window click on the “Settings” link.

3. In your profile window that is displayed, click on  the “Email Updates” link.

4. Check or Uncheck the box on the line corresponding to the setting you want to modify in the list below.

  • Updates about you

    • Messages Email me when someone sends me a message

    • Replies to my comments

    • Weekly Calendar Send a list of my Meetups and Meetups near me

    • New Meetup Groups Tell me about new Meetup Groups that match my interests

    • Updates from Meetup HQ Tell me about new features and important Meetup news

    • Meetup HQ Surveys Ask me about things that could make Meetup better

    • iCal Attachments Send me email reminders with iCal attachments

    • Organizations Get emails from organizations directly affiliated with my Meetups

  • Updates about your groups

    • Member suggests a Meetup

    • Member leaves the group

    • New Meetup scheduled

    • My RSVP is confirmed

    • Member RSVPs to a Meetup I’m hosting

    • Changes to a Meetup I’m going to

    • New comments on a Meetup I’m going t0

    • Announcement about a specific Meetup

    • “Stay in touch” after Meetups

    • Member says “Good to See You”

    • New photos uploaded

    • Someone tags or comments on my photo

    • Announcement to members about the group

    • Another Meetup group changes a venue we’re using

    • Someone requests to join the Meetup group

    • Discussion invitations

    • Members’ interest in Meetups

These settings will allow you to suppress messages you don’t want to receive, or to receive messages you are not currently getting from Meetup.

You can also click on the “Mobile Notifications” or the “Security” links to modify other settings in your profile.