Welcome to the City Limits HOG (Harley Owners Group) Chapter!

We are more than 220 members strong and growing.  Our members are both veteran and new riders of all ages, genders, religious affiliations and ethnicities.  Everyone is welcome and we are all family.

We are an active riding chapter:

  • We have approximately 70 rides scheduled per year in addition to other events, attendance is never mandatory

  • Rides and events are year round and not just on weekends

  • We have long and short rides

  • Many of our rides start or end with a meal

  • Road Captains pre-ride and lead every ride

  • We try to stay off interstates and major highways as much as possible

  • Drinking is not allowed before or during a chapter ride

  • We follow all traffic rules & do not turn right on red

  • We ride staggered formation

  • We will stop to let the group catch up if separated

  • We do not leave members behind if there is an emergency or breakdown

  • We have an excellent relationship with our dealer City Limits and attend their events & they attend ours!

  • We are involved with Charity work, with two official Chapter rides per year, and access to many other non-chapter charity rides and events as well

  • Whether you come to one or every event we’d love to see you

We meet at HOME Bar (House of Music and Entertainment) in Arlington Heights http://www.homebarchicago.com/ on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm. Meetings typically last until 9:00.  Food and drinks are available.  Feel free to come early, as many members and their spouses show up early for dinner or to socialize.  We hope that you are able to come to a meeting soon so the members can get to know you.

Officer Meetings are held at City Limits the last Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm. Any member is welcome to attend.

Ladies of Harley (LOH) meets every month at 6:45 just before the regular chapter meeting at HOME.

Our website is http://www.citylimitshog.com/.   You can find virtually everything you need on the website, including chapter ride information as well as contact information for our officers. All members, but especially new members, are encouraged to use the “Email Registration” page on our web site to ensure you are signed up to receive chapter communications.

We have a monthly newsletter which you can receive via email or access from our website.

We use Meetup ( http://www.meetup.com/citylimitsHOG/ )  to keep members updated about our rides and events.  Meetup is a free website/or app for our members.  On meetup we are “City Limits Chapter (H.O.G.), Palatine Illinois”.  You need to be a current active chapter member to access our rides on Meetup.  Information is available on the website, but may not be as current as Meetup.  It may take up to a week for you to be registered on our group with Meetup.  Please provide your full name when applying for Meetup, not just your first name or nickname.

Have questions?  Ask us in person or via email. Please see the “Officers” page for Email addresses.

A Reminder to Our Members

If you are not receiving the monthly Email blasts from the chapter which contain the link to the monthly newsletters or any other important chapter announcements, please contact the Membership officer and/or the Webmaster at the Email addresses below to alert us. Otherwise we will not be aware of the fact you are not receiving these communications.